Nigerian American Graphic Designer and Textile Artist living and creating in Dayton Ohio

I started my shop in 2007 when I first found out about Etsy.

Since then I have had a myriad of product offerings, but the love of creating has always been the same.

I am a Graphic Designer by training (Hampton University, Class of '99, woohoo!). I am a self-taught Block and Screen Printer. If there is a blank surface, I will find a way to get a pattern on it.

The shop's focus is mainly textiles for the home: handprinted usually by Block Printing sometimes by Screen Printing. I offer table linens: Dining napkins, Table Runners. Kitchen Towels.Shower Curtains. Drapes. Toss Pillows, of course.

My designs tend to be bold, graphic and modern, definitely colorful with a global appeal.

My aim is to be able to sustain my family of 5 with my creative handiwork. Once I accomplish this goal, I also want to take on young apprentices to show them that craft can lead to self-sufficiency.

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